Top 5 idols who take the position of Visual in SM’s girl groups, only Karina caused controversies

Famous as the flower garden of Kpop, SM always produces the best visuals in Kpop.

SM is renowned as the “flower garden” of Kpop, able to attract idols with both skill and eye-catching looks. In terms of visuals, SM has always had a “trump card” with dazzling images worthy of becoming the group’s representative face in each generation.

Eugene (S.E.S)

Eugene‘s real name is Kim Yoojin, who debuted in the 3-member girl group S.E.S in 1997. She possesses the most impressive visual compared to 1st generation idols. At that time, makeup and photo editing technologies had not been developed. Eugene’s natural attractiveness on stage demonstrates SM’s superior idol selecting skills. Eugene is now 40 years old, yet her beauty remains as stunning as it was when she was younger.

Eugene’s top visual was highlighted by her natural attractiveness and simple makeup.
Eugene always stood out on stage with her bright beauty
And this is Eugene of 35 years old, still very attractive on stage

Yoona (SNSD)

Nowadays, SNSD is the more well-known name among Kpop fans. The group includes many members who are stunningly beautiful, but Yoona is still regarded as a “legend” for creating the concept of a center for groups. Yoona’s visual is still at the top of rankings relating to the beauty of the idol industry after 14 years of operation.

Yoona stands at the center position in SNSD’s debut lineup with the song “Into The New World”
Yoona’s bright, pure beauty when she first entered the Kpop industry
Yoona always stands out on stage
Yoona’s appearance in 2021 looks more mature but doesn’t seem to age at all

Krystal (f(x))

f(x) is known as the “chameleon” female group of Kpop, having a  variety of musical and stylistic styles. Krystal, the group’s visual, is likewise a different color from SM’s previous generation visuals. In the SM flower garden, Krystal is known as a “snow flower” with a cold beauty and a sense of arrogance.

Krystal has the most outstanding beauty in f(x)’s debut lineup
Krystal’s pure and haughty beauty
The snow flower in SM’s garden
Krystal’s eye-catching visual on stage
Krystal nowadays

Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene, Red Velvet‘s eldest sister, is gorgeous and was called the “new generation goddess” when she initially made her debut. Irene’s non-aging beauty has always gotten a lot of acclaim from the public, despite the fact that she debuted in 2014 and is now 30 years old.

Irene’s youthful beauty
Her “Fairy endings” often go viral
Not afraid to challenge herself with strange hairstyles and outfits
Irene stands out on stage with her non-aging visual

Karina (aespa)

Although Winter holds the visual position of aespa, Karina is the representative face of the group with a visual that is placed on a par with Winter. However, Karina is at the center of a series of controversies.

Karina’s appearance is vastly different from that of the previous generation’s SM idols. Her face has AI-like virtual dimensions, but her features aren’t as pronounced or as eye-catching as those of other SM visuals. Therefore, many people do not appreciate her.

Karina’s attractiveness, on the other hand, continues to win over fans with bare-faced photos. In the MV Next Level, Karina was also hailed as “more beautiful than AI.”

Karina’s visuals are put to another level after Next Level
A simple snapshot demonstrates her stunning attractiveness

However, Karina was immediately entangled in rumors of having had plastic surgery because her pre-debut images looked so different from now.

Karina’s shimmering beauty on stage

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