Top 5 biggest concert tour of K-Pop girl groups: BLACKPINK broke the record with an impressive number

This is the top 5 biggest concert tour of K-Pop girl groups.

Just like the male colleagues, K-Pop girl groups are also competing heatedly. One of the most important for K-Pop fans to decide the popularity of a group is their concert tour. Currently, among 3rd generation girl groups, TWICE and BLACKPINK are the 2 strongest opponents of each other. Each have their own charm and strength but are always compared to each other by the media.


For the past few month, the girls from YG has proved their international popularity by the “IN YOUR AREA” world tour. The 4 girls has performed a total of 31 nights with more than 302.000 audience all over the world.

#1: “Girls’ Generation” – Girls’ Generation 

This legendary girl group of SM Entertainment once shook Japan with their “Girls’ Generation” tour. The tour consisted of 19 shows with 293.000 audiences. This means that 1 show had approximately 15.500 fans attended.

# 3: “Girls & Peace” – Girls’ Generation 

In 3rd place is still the legendary girl group of K-Pop – Girls’ Generation – and their golden time in Japan. With the Japan tour “Girls & Peace”, the girls had performed a total of 20 nights in front of 227.000 fans. This is also one of the most memorable concert tours of this SM girl group. 

# 4: “KARASIA 1st” – KARA

KARA was a very powerful name in Japan. At the time when the Hallyu wave started to take over Japan, the 5-member girl group from DSP has attacked and made use of this market in full-force. The tour “KARASIA 1st” with 15 nights has brought KARA 223.000 audiences, which is a very big number for a Korean girl group who started from the bottom in Japan like KARA.

# 5: “#Dreamday” – TWICE

Thanks to a smart promotion plan and 3 Japanese members, TWICE’s popularity has started to spread wide in Japan in the past few years. They continuously went to events and released new albums exclusively in this country. Thanks to the support from Japanese fans, the girls have been able to arrange a dome tour even though they have only debuted recently. The JYP’s girl group has sold a total of 220.000 tickets after 5 nights of their dome tour.

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