Top 4 vocalists of Kpop voted by netizens

Baekhyun, Kim Jae Hwan, Seungkwan and Wendy are the 4 young idols who possess the most diverse and strong vocals Kpop, voted by hundreds of thousands of world viewers via Mwave.

Baekhyun (EXO)

The number one position belongs to EXO‘s male idol – Baekhyun (66%). Baekhyun has a passionate, understanding of music as well as sensitive ears to recognize rhythm. Male idols have the ability to transform his vocals to both soft and masculine styles, depending on the accents and emotions of each song.

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Baekhyun possesses a manly and bright voice that is most clearly displayed. The male idol is EXO‘s lead vocalist, who shows the highest note in most of their songs, thanks to a mix of bright and inner strong vocals. Especially, thanks to the hard training and the inherent musical ability, Baekhyun had the biggest improvement in EXO‘s vocalists in terms of good control of his voice.

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Kim Jae Hwan (WANNA ONE)

The second place is 18.6% – a WANNA ONE voice which is expected to become a top solo artist like IU. This member is considered to have the potential to gain some awards right after releasing the first song and he will even be remembered as a legendary singer. The one who got this trust was Kim Jae Hwan – the only freelance trainee in Produce 101‘s history who debuted even though his visual didn’t stand out.

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With talent and burning passion for music, Kim Jae Hwan has gradually conquered the hearts of millions of audiences with an impressive voice. In Kim Jae Hwan, there is a variety of variations in vocals, especially in strong and technical high notes. Once a member of a rock band with a strong voice, but when expressing soft songs, Kim Jae Hwan made the listeners melt with his emotion expressed in each song.

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He is one of the younger generation idols judged by professionals to have a quality voice. Performances on music stages have shown outstanding musical talents of his. Not only does he have good singing and good guitar playing but he can also understand and express the feelings of the song. In particular, his appearance on King Of Masked Singer received many praises from guest judges as well as the enthusiastic support of the audience.

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Seungkwan (Seventeen)

Outstanding boy group member Seventeen Seungkwan ranked third with 10.8%. Seventeen‘s lovely guy takes on the lead vocal role of the group thanks to his impressive voice with high and bright echoes.

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He’s the main vocalist of Seventeen – the boy group that is famous for its skills in singing and musical composition. However, Seungkwan also suffers from invisible pressure from netizens’ prejudices. Therefore, he decided to join the King of Masked Singer and made into the third round. Seungkwan is one of the few young generation idol singers to be considered as having the best vocals among Kpop groups.

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Wendy (Red Velvet)

4th place is also the only girl idol to top the list with 4.6% of the votes. Talking about Wendy, her talent is ranked highest in the 3rd generation of the current Kpop. Many viewers highly appreciate Wendy singing the ballad with the sweet voice, which always makes the listener melt. While participating in the King Of Masked Singer, Wendy displayed her ability to show off a technical, emotional voice, especially in high-pitched notes.

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While Taeyeon of SNSD was named OST Queen, Wendy was favored by the Kpop fans with the name OST Princess. The perfect ballad singing skill and her sweet voice have become topics in Korean music forums. However, Wendy does not have many opportunities to show. Red Velvet‘s later songs mostly go in a fun, vibrant way, with no more technical skills to help Wendy show off her inherent abilities.

Source: Zing

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