Top 3 actors with the worst manners this year as selected by Korean film reporters 

“She got the Na Hee Do disease”, Kim Tae Ri was voted 2nd among movie stars with the worst manners in 2022. Who got 1st place? 

If there is the ‘Golden Raspberry Awards’ overseas, which honors the worst in film, in Korea, the ‘Raspberry Film Festival’ selects the worst movies, worst actors, and cast/crew members with the worst manners of the year.

The award ceremony organized by Sports Kyunghyang has already been held for the 6th time. Among the commercial films released from December of last year to November 30 this year, 34 film reporters from leading domestic media cast three votes in each category.  

kim tae ri ma dong seok nam joo hyuk

In particular, in the category of worst manners, awards are given based on the attitudes of actors or film officials at production briefings or interviews. However, this year, three movie stars were listed at the top.

Nam Joo Hyuk ranked 3rd place in worst manners. He got 6 votes. The reason was that he was caught up in a controversy ahead of the release of the movie “Remember” and had a negative impact on the work.  

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2nd place was Kim Tae Ri with 11 votes. At the time of the release of the movie “Alienoid”, Kim Tae Ri is said to have not yet come out of her role as Na Hee Do, a high school student in the drama “Twenty Five Twenty One”, as she was scribbling at the press interview while answering questions. Reporters questioned her etiquette during interviews and claimed that she was “severely suffering from the Na Hee Do disease”. 

Kim Tae Ri

The actor who showed the worst manners this year, as chosen by film reporters, was Ma Dong Seok. He received a total of 20 votes. Ma Dong Seok produced and starred in “The Roundup”, the first movie that surpassed 10 million admissions this year. However, Ma Dong Seok reportedly skipped the interviews for personal reasons. Although he distributed press releases for self-answer interviews, he refused to promote interviews every time even though he was a producer and lead actor. 

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Reporters who voted for Ma Dong Seok said, “Refusing an interview while claiming to be a producer is an attitude of not fulfilling the responsibility of publicity”, “When it comes to publicity, it can be seen that he’s always stepping out and not bothering to join”, “He give insincere answers every time”, etc.

kim tae ri ma dong seok nam joo hyuk

Meanwhile, the worst film selected at this year’s Raspberry Film Festival was “Serve the People”, and the worst performance was by actress Ji An in “Serve the People”.

Source: wikitree. 

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