Top 20 most beautiful Kpop rookie female idols: aespa has 2 representatives, the top positions all witness appearance of SM’s idols

K-netizens jointly voted for rookie female Kpop idols that they think have the most beautiful visual. The special thing is that all the first 4 positions are SM’s imprint.

Kpop is entering a new generation as many girl groups have recently been introduced to the public. They all share something in common that they are very young, beautiful, and have promising talents. Since they are new to netizens, owning outstanding looks will be an advantage that will make them more memorable.

Recently on the Korean forum DC Inside, a visual poll was held for rookie female Kpop idols who have just debuted in the last 1 or 2 years. There are 54 candidates in total, and below are the top 20 of the vote. Let’s see if your favorite female idol is included in this chart.

#20: Green (Red Square)

#19: Jian (LUNARSOLAR)

#18: Chaesol (Cignature)

#17: Sora (woo!ah!)

#16: Sumin (STAYC)

#15: Minseo (woo!ah!)

#14: Jaehee (Weekly)

#13: Jiwon (Cignature)

#12: Seeun (STAYC)

#11: Jihan (Weekly)

#10: Isa (STAYC)

#9: Soodam (Secret Number)

#8: Yoon ( STAYC)

#7: J (STAYC)

#6: Soojin (Weeekly)

#5: Choa (Weekly)

#4: Wooyeon (woo!ah!)

#3: Winter (aespa)

#2: Nana (woo!ah!)

#1 Karina (aespa)

Despite facing many beautiful rookie female idols from different K-pop groups, aespa’s member Karina has been voted as possessing the most outstandingly beautiful visual. On a 10-point scale, Karina got herself 8.81 points.

The second place is Nana of woo!ah! with 8.42 out of 10 points. Since her debut, even though she is not a member of a famous group, Nana’s visual has always attracted Knet’s attention. Especially, the beauty of this female idol has been on the rise recently, which even reminds Knets of Irene (Red Velvet).

Also, it is very interesting that all 4 first places, Karina and Winter (aespa), Nana and Wooyeon (woo!ah!), were once trainees from SM Entertainment. While Karina and Winter were able to stay and debut, Nana and Wooyeon later left and joined NV Entertainment. This makes many Knets agree that SM Ent still deserves the title of ‘Lee Soo-man’s Flower Garden’, which has always had the eyes to discover the most outstanding beautiful flowers of Kpop.

Source: tinnhac

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