Top 20 hottest Korean movies/dramas on social networks in recent years

Despite causing a lot of controversy, Park Seo Joon’s Itaewon Class still ranks high on the list while the reputation of ‘Parasite’ still shows no signs of slowing down.

Recently, the media has just announced the ranking of the most mentioned Korean dramas and movies on the social networking site Twitter.  This statistic is carried out from July 2018 to the end of June 2021.

Top 20 hottest Korean movies/dramas on social networks in recent years

In the drama chart, despite causing many controversies about the content, Itaewon Class still excellently ranked in the top 2, just behind Netflix’s blockbuster Kingdom.

Top 20 most mentioned Korean dramas on Twitter:

1. Kingdom

2. Itaewon Class

3. True Beauty

4. Vincenzo

5. Sky Castle

6. Hotel Del Luna

7. Start Up

8. Hospital Playlist

9. Goblin

10. Penthouse

11. Vagabond

12. Sweet Home

13. Crash Landing On You

14. Voice

15. Love Alarm

16. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

17. Kairos

18. Arthdal Chronicles

19. Extracurricular

20. Stranger (Secret Forest)

In the field of movies, Parasite and Minari – the two prides of Korean cinema in the international market, are naturally at the top, followed by most of the works in the action and horror genres.

Top 20 most mentioned Korean movies on Twitter:

1. Parasite

2. Minari

3. Snowpiercer

4. Oldboy

5. Space Sweepers

6. Swing Kids

7. Okja

8. Peninsula

9. Train To Busan

10. Mother

11. The Call

12. Along With The Gods

13. EXIT

14. Forgotten

15. Voice of Silence

16. Thirst

17. Samjin Company English Class

18. Little Forest

19. Burning

20. The Host

Sources: kenh14

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