Top 12 visuals who have already received the attention even though Produce X101 hasn’t aired yet

Although the show hasn’t aired yet, these trainees have had a considerable fan base and many debut opportunities.

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Cha Jun Ho is Produce X101’s most famous trainee. The guy is “infamous” for visual perfection as his visual
is a mixture of Cha Eun Woo (Astro) and L (INFINITE). Jun Ho always tops the rankings and has dozens of follow-up fansites when he hasn’t debuted yet.
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It was revealed that Cha Jun Ho entered class B, was able to dance well and showed the attraction on stage. Another trainee, Woollim is also the contestant that makes many opponents wary.
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Kim Woo Seok is a member of the Up10tion but still participates in Produce X101. The guy impresses thanks to his remarkable beauty and performance on stage. Many fans predicted that Woo Seok might be another version of Hwang Min Hyun in season 2 – the idol who has long debuted but is famous again.
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Kim Yo Han of OUI company scored thanks to the small face, sharp lines, especially sexy curving lips. He has both a lovely and masculine touch, praised as a dream boyfriend.
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Kim Min Gyu is popular with Korean fans and international fans thanks to the stunning visual. He is a Jellyfish trainee – the company that always sends quality candidates to Produce 101.
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Tsai Chia Hao (Chae Ka Ho) is Chinese, a trainee of Source Music. The guy is a rather rebellious element and he impressed with personality earrings.
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Hwang Yun Seong is another highlight of the Woollim family. This male trainee has a lovely, warm image. According to fans, Yun Seong sang and danced well and he is a bright candidate for a debut.
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Fantagio is a famous company for owning outstanding trainees like Ong Seong Woo, Kim Do Yeon. In season 4, Han Gi Chan does not make netizen disappointed when showing an angular face for the image of a cool model.
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However, Han Gi Chan’s skills are quite weak. He was placed in class X after the first evaluation. If he wants to debut, the male singer must practice harder.
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Kwon Hee Joon has a good appearance but is entangled in controversy about personality. He was hated because of the rude comments about Hani (EXID) in the past.
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Lee Han Gyul has a manly beauty with sexy body. MBK trainees reminded many fans of Baek Ho (Nu’est) image. Han Gyul has a pitiful situation as he was abandoned from a young age. He wants to be a singer to repay my adoptive parents.
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Song Chang Ha of Kiwi Media Company is gaining a lot of attention thanks to the angular face contours.
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Kang Min Hee of Starship scored again because of his cute young appearance. The male trainee in 2002 was praised for his remarkable academic achievements.
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The most famous is Thai and has a large international fan base. The male contestant with a side angle that is quite similar to Lay (EXO).
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