Top 10 songs that stay in the GAON chart for the longest time

Let’s discover the hits that stay for the longest time in this digital music chart.

In this era of technology, digital music (including online listening and music downloads) has opened up a rich market for artists to conquer. In addition to the album sales or concerts, digital music is a very important part of the artists’ achievements.

Based on data collected from GAON, let’s discover which artists have topped the digital music chart for the longest time, counting from the time GAON was born.

10, HIGH4 & IU – “No Spring, Love or Cherry”: 49 weeks

9, BTS – “Blood, Sweat & Tears”: 50 weeks

8, BTS – “DNA”: 51 weeks

8, Black Pink – “Playing With Fire”: 51 weeks

7, Wanna One – “Energetic”: 57 weeks

6, Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”: 61 weeks

5, GFriend – “Me Gustas Tu”: 62 weeks

4, Black Pink – “As If It’s Your Last”: 64 weeks

3, TWICE – “Cheer Up”: 66 weeks

2, WINNER – “Really Really”: 71 weeks

1, BTS – “Spring Day”: 82 weeks

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