Top 10 most handsome Kpop male idols based on Japanese women’s votes: V (BTS) and Taemin (SHINee) are really popular

Let’s see how Japanese women in their teens, 20s, and 30s have different tastes when voting for the male K-pop idol that they find the most handsome.

Among the major music markets of the world, Japan is always the place that most K-pop groups want to conquer.  Besides musical achievements, being recognized by the Japanese public or making a strong visual impression is also a way to increase popularity.  And the Japanese also have their own unique taste, that’s why there are male Kpop idols who are more famous for their visuals in this country than others.

Recently, an article sharing the voting results of ‘The most handsome Kpop male idols in the eyes of Japanese women’ has become a hot topic on Korean online forums.  Accordingly, this survey was recently organized by a website in Japan, and women will be divided into 3 age groups: teenagers, 20s and 30s, respectively.

Top 10 most handsome male Kpop male idols with Japanese teen girls

Top 10 most handsome male Kpop idols with 20s Japanese women

Top 10 most handsome male Kpop idols with 30s Japanese women

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