Top 10 male groups with the highest total Youtube views at all time – one exceptional rookie group makes the list!

The newly updated list of highest Youtube views include many familiar names.

With the recent popularity of the Hallyu wave, idol groups with massive Youtube view counts have proven their popularity with the public. This updated chart drew the attention of many netizens.

Number 10: WINNER/WANNA ONE (276 million views)

These two top groups share the tenth position. It’s impossible to deny that both groups make very catchy songs. Plus, it’s not hard for them to make the list with their mighty fandoms behind their backs.

Number 9: SEVENTEEN (280 million views)

SEVENTEEN’s music production has always received great support from fans and netizens. Their high quality music videos with handsome boys, upbeat melodies, and catchy beats helped SEVENTEEN gain many views.

Number 8: IKON (365 million views)

Even though the group’s past activities are not very outstanding, when they made their comeback with “Love Scenario”, the group received praise from Kpop fans, and the MV garnered lots of views. Thanks to the popularity of “Love Scenario,” IKON takes the number 8 spot on this list.

Number 7: Hightlight (419 million views)

Highlight debuted in 2009 with songs that fit the public’s taste in music. Their songs have consistently received love and support from their fans.

Number 6: SHINee (522 million views)

Despite not having any music videos over 100 million views, the group’s songs always have steady views that add up to a high view count over time. Therefore, the group easily lands at 6th on the chart.

Number 5: Super Junior (856 million views)

As one of the legendary Kpop groups back in the 2000s, there’s no doubt that a 2nd generation “sunbaenim” like Super Junior can make it on the chart with a high number of views. It’s impossible to miss out on Super Junior.

Number 4: GOT7 (931 million views)

Listeners can’t help but dance to GOT7, with their music production, along with their handsome visuals and eye catching concepts. Moreover, the group receives lots of love from Thailand thanks to Thai member, BamBam.

Number 3: EXO (1 billion 869 million views)

Every time EXO releases a new song, it immediately trends on all the streaming websites around the globe, especially YouTube. The SM boys always satisfy viewers with their amazing MV quality and fresh concepts. Therefore, each MV receives lots of support from the fans. During each new release, it’s easy to say that EXO constantly accomplishes many great achievements and attains incomparable views.

Number 2: Big Bang (2 billion 79 million views)

During each and every new release, Big Bang’s songs show exceptional quality. Their songs always have a strong impression on viewers, with their strong melodies, sincere concepts, and catchy chorus. The fans can’t help but watch and listen to their songs on repeat.

Number 1: BTS (3 billion 138 million views)

BTS leads on the chart as the group with the highest number of views, especially in America. Frequently appearing on popular talk shows in the US, BTS has built a strong fandom that constantly influence every aspect of BTS’ success. BTS’ songs are always innovative and unpredictable, both visually and musically, making them addicting. Their strong choreography always makes MVs quickly trend as soon as it is released.

BTS easily claims the number 1 spot.
The views on these songs will keep increasing, and the chart will continue changing. We can’t tell which groups will reign supreme in the future when the K-Pop industry is also constantly changing. Only time will tell!

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