Top 10 Kpop MVs in on YouTube with the mose likes: Rosé despite having 2 products still lost to BTS, TWICE and ITZY surpassed IU

The list of 10 Kpop MVs released in 2021 with the most likes on YouTube all feature famous names.

Half of 2021 has just passed and the Korean music industry has witnessed many successful comebacks of artists.  In the list of 10 Kpop MVs released in 2021 with the most likes on YouTube as of July 5, familiar and outstanding products appear quite a lot.

At the top of this list is none other than Butter of BTS.  Although this is just a prelude song, included in the single album of the same name that will be released in hard copy on July 9, it has dominated from YouTube to Spotify and even the US Billboard.  Two remix versions of the song also made it to the top 10 at #3 and #8.

Winning the runner-up position is the product of the solo female artist – BLACKPINK Rosé – called On The Ground.  Although the single album is entirely in English, she still has a warm reception from the audience.  Gone also excelled in the 4th place.

SM has 2 representatives, EXO’s Don’t Fight The Feeling (6/2021) and NCT DREAM‘s Hot Sauce (5/2021) ranked 8th. TWICE (Alcohol-Free no.9) and ITZY (Mafia In The Morning no.6) all entered the chart.  IU and Celebrity also ranked 10th.

The 10 most liked Kpop MVs released in 2021 on YouTube as of July 5:

  1.  Butter – BTS: 18.07 million
  2.  On The Ground – Rosé (BLACKPINK): 8.67 million
  3.  Butter (Hotter Remix) – BTS: 5.51 million
  4.  Gone – Rosé (BLACKPINK): 4.83 million VND
  5.  Don’t Fight The Feeling – EXO: 4.21 million
  6.  Mafia In The Morning – ITZY: 3.20 million VND
  7.  Hot Sauce – NCT DREAM: 3.17 million
  8.  Butter (Cooler Remix) – BTS: 3.15 million
  9.  Alcohol-Free – TWICE: 3.11 million
  10.  Celebrity – IU: 2.60 million

Source: K14

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