Top 10 Kpop idol fansites with the most followers on Twitter: Only EXO and BTS are included!

Among them, Jungkook’s fansites have the most followers.

Kpop fans may not be too familiar with terms like fansite, master-nim, fan chant, fandom … Fansite, for those who don’t know, is a page created by one or more individuals. Founded in Korea, fansite mainly publishes photos and videos of the artist (s) they love. The head of the fansite called master-nim, these people have a lot of affection for the artist they bias, but above all, they have the time and financial conditions to keep up with the artist’s schedule to take photos, shoot videos and organize donations to buy gifts, billboards, food support … for artists on special occasions.

In many cases, the fansite or master-nim is admired no different from the idol in the fandom. Because being able to keep up with the idol’s schedules at many different locations and releasing photos, being a fansite is not something anyone can do. In big fandoms, fansites even have the same number of followers on social networks as the real Kpop idols. Below is a list of 10 fansites of Kpop male idols with the largest number of followers on Twitter, as of January 10th, and surprisingly, all 10 fansite names on the list come from only two boy groups ( which can be said to be the most successful today): BTS and EXO. If you are an EXO-L or ARMY, the names on this list are definitely not too strange anymore:

1. Jungkook’s (BTS) SNOWPEACH – 1.87 million followers

Topping the top 10 is @JUNGKOOKcokr account with over 1.86 million followers, far more than the rest of the list. Fansite SNOWPEACH is famous for its amazingly realistic photos taken of Jungkook and BTS ‘youngest activities are also regularly updated on the SNOWPEACH twitter account.

SNOWPEACH is a longtime fansite of Jungkook

2. Fansite IRIDESCENT BOY of Sehun (EXO) – 1.12 million followers

EXO’s most famous fansite continues to be a fansite for the youngest brother Sehun. IRIDESCENT BOY is a long-standing and especially charismatic fansite of EXO Sehun, the evidence can be seen through the release of goods and photo books as much as the album of this fansite.

The quality of the pictures of this top fansite, IRIDESCENT BOY explains why its goods are always sold out.

3. Fansite MADE IN 1997 of Jungkook (BTS) – 1.11 million followers

2 of the 3 names in the top 3 belong to Jungkook fansites

Standing at the third position and constantly rising to the spot with the second position of IRIDESCENT BOY continues to be a young fansite of Jungkook

4. Fansite JAMJAM of Jimin (BTS) – 1.01 million followers

One more fansite of a BTS member reached the top fansites with million followers on Twitter.

5. Fansite TAETAELAND of V (BTS) – 867 thousand followers

A little more modest than the four names mentioned above, TAETAELAND is ranked 5th, so 4 out of 5 top names are related to BTS.

A little more modest than the four names mentioned above, TAETAELAND is ranked 5th, so 4 out of 5 top names are related to BTS.

6. Fansite NUNA V of V (BTS) – 859 thounsand followers

7. Fansite HI, SPRING of Jungkook (BTS) – 816 thousand followers

8. Fansite HEADLINER of Jungkook (BTS) – 815 thousand followers

9. Fansite Mr. Destiny of Kai (EXO) – 761 thousand followers

10. Fansite Spunky action, baby! Chanyeol’s (EXO) – 721 thousand followers