Top 10 best songs in 2020 voted by IZM Critic

Top 10 best songs in 2020 selected by the largest music review site in Korea.  BTS is not on the list

December is the month to look back on the impressive milestones and products of the year.  Recently, IZM Critic – music site of Neo Music Community – announces a list of the top 10 best songs in 2020 voted by this site.  IZM Critic is currently the largest music review site in Korea.  Among the top 10, only 3 idol groups and 2 solo idols enter the top.

The only male group representative is a group from JYP – DAY6.  This year, DAY6 launched their song Zombie product before they stopped working due to health reasons.  However, Zombie made the group’s unexpected success with catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics.

The 2 representatives of the girl group are BLACKPINK and Oh My Girl respectively.  BLACKPINK’s most recent song “ Lovesick Girls” entered the top 10. Although this is not BLACKPINK’s best performance of the year, the content of Lovesick Girls is highly appreciated.

Oh My Girl’s song Nonstop helped the group’s name be known widely this year.  Nonstop has an impressive score on digital charts and it is considered the biggest hit in Oh My Girl’s career.

As for solo idol representatives, IU and Zico are two names that extremely deserve to be in the top 10. With IU, the female singer collaborated with Suga to create a successful hit “eight”.  As for Zico, he has a 330- hour  Perfect All-kill hit called Any Song.

In the list there are also 2 extremely hot OST songs on the charts last year.  Gaho’s Start Over is the OST track of the drama Itaewon Class.  The other song was performed by actor Jo Jung Suk.  He made Aloha 2020 version for his movie Hospital Playlist.

10 best songs of 2020 voted by IZM Critic (in no particular order):

 Dolphin – Oh My Girl

 Eight – IU ft.  Suga

 Aloha – Jo Jung Suk

 Any Song – Zico

 Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK

 Meteor – Changmo

 Start Over – Gaho

 Zombie – DAY6

 Acrobat – Gwangil Jo

 Tiger Is Coming – Leenalchi

Sources: k14

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