Too excited about their “sisters” ITZY, TWICE accidentally leaked some clues

Information about ITZY’s album has accidentally been revealed by TWICE.

On Feb 12th, on the way to their high school graduation ceremony, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu (TWIC) did a live stream with their fans. During that, the 2 girls mentioned ITZY – the rookie girlgroup from JYP who has just debuted 1 day ago. Chaeyoung shared, “That’s right, we have our juniors now” before singing a part from ITZY’s debut song “Dalla Dalla”.

Aside from that, the TWICE’s members also gave their “little sisters” lots of compliments: “They are so pretty and cute. Fighting. They have come and greeted us when we were practicing. We also received their signed CDs. We are their seniors now, that’s sound unfamiliar huh?

The youngest girlgroup position once belonged to TWICE…
…is ITZY’s now.
Chaeyoung shared about ITZY on Feb 12th.

During Chaeyoung’s story, fans are focusing on the information about ITZY’s signed albums. As we know, since ITZY’s first introduction ‘til now, JYP hasn’t said anything about a physical album of ITZY. On Feb 12th, they only released a debut single called “IT’Z DIFFERENT” composed of 2 songs “Dalla Dalla” and “Want It”. Does this mean that JYP is planning for a physical album soon after ITZY’s debut?

MV “Dalla Dalla” – ITZY

Sources: k14

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