Today a flower wreath have been put in front of Cube Entertainment’s office along with a message

The controversy over the withdrawal of singer HyunA and PENTAGON E’Dawn from CUBE has led to a heated debate among netizens. People have been saying “it was an unfair treatment” and “the trust is broken, and something should be done about it”.

On September 14th, there was a flower wreath in front of the Cube Entertainment Company, and no one knows where it came from.

The wreath says “Welcome from the withdrawal HyunA and E’Dawn, for the emergency situation of Cube“. It is clearly meant to ridicule the company.

On another note, Cube Entertainment announced on the 13th that they have decided to kick HyunA and E’Dawn out of the company. They explained that the trust between the company and the artists was broken and could not be recovered.

But seven hours after that, they changed their mind. A senior manager said, “We haven’t decided on the withdrawal of the two.

The reaction of the public is ‘confused’. It is indeed irritating when the agency had such a serious announcement, and then overturned themselves.

Sources: Dispatch

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