Tickets to a BTS concert in the U.S can be up to 3850$, even more expensive than Taylor Swift’s

They are even more expensive than Taylor Swift’s tickets.

CBS delivers to you the image of the line-up at the concert hall, “There are fans who quit their jobs to watch the show.”

Tickets to see BTS, which opened its first World Tour event in LA in the U.S., reportedly skyrocketed to $3850 (about 4.33 million won). Local analysts say that their ticket prices are higher than those of Taylor Swift, who is a regular Grammy winner.

According to the CNBC on September 6th, “Tickets for every U.S. show are sold out, and prices are soaring on secondary markets. According to data available to secondary ticket marketplace TicketCity, the most expensive single ticket sold so far went for $3,849.38. That ticket was for the group’s Chicago show, and was purchased in Massachusetts.

According to an analysis on the event search engine TicketIQ after tracking over 400 tickets used transactions, the average price of BTS was $823 (about 920,000 won). This is twice as much as the ticket price of the Taylor Swift, who is currently in the middle of her ‘2018 Reputation Tour.’

An insider explained, “The average price of Taylor Swift’s concert ticket was lower than BTS’s but that didn’t mean she’s less popular than the 7 boys. Because she played multiple shows at the biggest venues in each city. However, it’s true that there were lots of demand asking BTS to perform in the US. The number of tickets available for Taylor Swift in a concert in New Jersey was about 5401, but only 500 tickets were available for BTS.

On the same day, CBS News uploaded a photo of a long line of local fans in front of Staples Center where BTS would perform. It can be seen that the fans have been experienced enthusiasts since the day before they entered the venue. “Some fans have even quitted their jobs for the concert, The 7 boys are sweeping the U.S. like a storm,” they said.

Sources: Naver

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