Thought being treated unfairly, it turns out that Tzuyu’s outfit is the most expensive among the Twice members’

TWICE Tzuyu’s image in the ‘Perfect World’ MV is criticized for being less prominent than the other members, but in fact, her outfit is the most expensive one. 

Twice just released the Japanese MV Perfect World.  Different from the cheerful, bright style in the previous Alcohol-Free MV, this time the girls bring a luxurious and powerful image.  From the costumes to the makeup looks of the 9 girls, all of them are invested very sophisticatedly.

Among the members, Tzuyu has the most gentle makeup.  If Na Yeon, Ji Hyo … stand out with bold lipstick, the makeup of the Taiwanese idol makes her look like she is sick with a pale face, nude lipstick tones.  Many people suspect that Tzuyu is unfairly treated with such an unremarkable image

However, in fact, the outfit Tzuyu wore this time was the most expensive in the group.  The Haute Couture dress she is wearing alone costs more than 28,000 USD.  The dress is not only the most expensive in the MV but also at the top of the most expensive dresses that Korean idols have ever worn.  Besides, she also wears Chaumet jewelry which is also very flashy and luxurious.

If in Alcohol-Free, Twice is dressed quite evenly, in this MV, the girls combine a variety of branded and mid-range outfits.  Ji Hyo’s dress costs $2085, mixed with sparkling Chanel earrings.

Mina’s outfit includes a Chanel tweed jacket and a plaid skirt to help her complete her classic beauty.

Momo is fresh and sexy with a busty jumpsuit, mixed with expensive Chanel earrings.

In the MV, Chae Young’s dress was edited by the stylist into a very cool and creative outfit.

Most of Twice’s outfits this time are from the Sleep oversleep brand.  Na Yeon’s tweed dress costs about 438.000won.

Da Hyun wore a full set of YCH with black as the main color.  She also used layer pearl necklaces to give her a ladylike look.

Jeong Yeon wears the most aggressive with an asymmetrical outfit with leather straps.

Source: iOne

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