This woman defeated Yoo Jae Suk to place 1st in brand reputation rankings

The December brand reputation ranking for entertainers have been announced, and is drawing attention.

On December 3rd, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the results of big data analysis in December 2022 regarding the brand reputation of entertainers. In particular, the institute analyzed 45,816,832 big data of 50 entertainers from November 3rd to December 3rd, and measured consumers’ participation in terms of branding, media volume, consumer participation, traffic volume, and social conversation volume.

ahn jung hwan

According to the results of the analysis, comedian Kim Min Kyung ranked first in the entertainment category of brand reputation this month, defeating Yoo Jae Suk and Ahn Jung Hwan, who came in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Kang Min Kyung, whose brand reputation index was 674,527 last month, experienced a 486.86% increase to 3,958,515, drawing attention. 

Yoo Jae Suk

Regarding this, Koo Chang Hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “Kim Min Kyung, who ranked first in the brand reputation in December 2022 as an entertainment broadcaster, received results of “challenge”, “participate”, and “public” in the link analysis, and “national representative”, “delicious guys”, and “shooting” in the keyword analysis. Positive responses also account for 80.19% among discussions regarding Kang Min Kyung.”

kim min kyung

The Top 30 rankings for brand reputation, entertainer category, is as follows: 

  1. Kim Min Kyung
  2. Yoo Jae Suk
  3. Ahn Jung Hwan
  4. Kim Jong Kook
  5. Park Myung Soo
  6. Kim Gura
  7. Kim Shin Young
  8. Jun Hyun Moo
  9. Lee Sang Min
  10. Kang Ho Dong
  11. Kim Jong Min
  12. Seo Jang Hoon
  13. Kim Jun Ho
  14. Tak Jae Hoon
  15. Haha
  16. Kim Seong Joo
  17. Hong Hyun Hee
  18. Song Ji Hyo
  19. Shin Dong Yeop
  20. Lee Kyung Gyu
  21. Kim Hee Chul
  22. Jo Se Ho
  23. Kim Dong Hyun
  24. Park Na Rae
  25. Kim Young Chul
  26. Lee Guk Joo
  27. Lee Soo Geun
  28. Park Mi Sun
  29. Kim Sook
  30. Jung Hyung Don
kim min kyung

On the other hand, the brand reputation index is an index compiled by extracting brand big data and analyzing consumer behavior, classifying it into participation value, communication value, media value, and social value. The brand reputation index of entertainment broadcasters was analyzed by participation index, media index, communication index, and community index. Brand monitor analysis evaluated by brand reputation editors and brand value evaluation analyzed by the Korea Brand Forum were also included.

brand reputation December
brand reputation December

Source: wikitree

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