This purple haired idol who looks like an anime character is making Kpop fans go crazy

This guy’s information is constantly being searched by fans.

One of the most impressive figures at Asia Artist Awards yesterday was Ren(NU’EST).
With purple hair and unisex beauty, Ren made the audiences at the stadium overwhelmed. Even the fans watching through the livestream are shocked at the appearance of Ren
The guy’s information is immediately sought by the Kpop fan community. The keyword”purple hair” and “Ren” continuously climbed the trend in major sites in Korea during the awards ceremony
Netizens praise and claimed that Ren looked just like a character coming out from comics. From purple hair, reddish eyes, pink lipstick to the slender vest,NU’EST’s member show that he was born for the unisex style
Some comments: “Everything is perfect, it’s hard to believe that he looked just like a prince in a manga”; “I do not know who he is, so I had to find and was surprised at his visual”; “Ren looks well in all hair colors,but this purple hair actually makes him step up to another visual level”;”This boy is coming out from the comic”; “No words can describe his beauty” …
Ren’s real name is Choi Min Ki, born in 1995. Since his debut in 2012, NU’EST’s member has always been nicknamed “the beautiful male idol” or “the goddess”
Thanks to the delicate facial features and smooth white skin, he is a hot issue because of his unreal beauty
In particular, Ren’s heart lips are what fangirls dream of
In addition, Ren’s eyebrows are often hailed as “beautiful as a statue”.When makeup, he just need to use the pencil to brush the eyebrows neatly
NU’EST was a formidable rookie in 2012 but since the hit “Face”, the group did not have a lot of outstanding achievements. After joining Produce 101 season 2, Ren and NU’EST were known to Kpop fans. Fans hope that after Min Hyun returns from Wanna One, NU’EST’s 5 members will continue to be more successful in the future.

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