This pair of SM sisters melt fans’ hearts because they are too lovely

Seohyun and Chanyeol’s cute moments were recently revealed by netizens, but they did not criticize the couple, instead, they enjoyed seeing them together.

Recently, fans have revealed a series of intimate moments between Chanyeol and Seohyun. In a clip, Chanyeol is trying to help Seohyun remove the necklace while she is holding her hair. The scene is like a cut scene from a romantic movie that makes people melt their hearts.

However, just a few seconds right after Chanyeol took the necklace from Seohyun’s neck, the SM idols’ reaction made the audience couldn’t help but laugh because they were too cute.

In fact, Chanyeol and Seohyun have appeared together on a Chinese romantic comedy “So, I Married The Anti-fan”. The interaction between the two idols in the movie has made them become closer. Therefore, it is not difficult to find moments like this.

It is thought that fans will be angry at the moment, but they just enjoy the cute couple instead.

From the scene of Chanyeol pushing Seohyun to the wall, or to the scenes of the two idols being shy and extremely close playing game at the press conference, people thought that SONE and EXO-L would be “boiling their blood”, but it turned out that they were also very happy because of the cute couple of SM.

Because Seohyun is one year older than Chanyeol, plus her personality is soft, while Chanyeol is pretty cool, so many people think that the couple is more like older sisters and brothers relationship. In fact, Chanyeol also has a pretty sister like Seohyun, so it is not strange what he is doing.

They are the two idols under the same company and also collaborated on many projects. In particular, Chanyeol also had a good relationship with SNSD when he appeared in the Genie MV Japanese version and SNSD’s Twinkle – TaeTiSeo. Moreover, after co-starring in Sino-Korean collaboration, it is not a surprise that Seohyun and Chanyeol have a close relationship and have chemistry whenever they appear together like that. So, fans not only did not criticize, but also felt very excited towards the couple.

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