This K-drama actress challenges herself in a villain role and is so good that viewers only have praises for her 

Often playing good characters, but this actress’s transformation into a villain role is gaining good reviews. 

Seo Ji Hye has been quite familiar to K-drama viewers. Since “Crash Landing On You”, she has continuously been cast in lead roles. However, Seo Ji Hye’s roles have mostly been chaebol daughters or characters with beautiful, fashionable appearance so far. Sticking to the same safe image made it difficult for her to break through. 

seo ji hye

It was not until her recent drama, “Red Balloon” that Seo Ji Hye really stepped out of her comfort zone. Seo Ji Hye challenged herself in a villain role, a mistress. Her character Jo Eun Gang has a poor background. She approaches her close friend Ba Da’s husband and turns herself into “the other woman”.

Red Balloon Seo Ji Hye

Seo Ji Hye has impressed viewers with her acting and image in this role. No longer wearing stylish clothes, her image this time is more simple, even somewhat sad and mysterious. She successfully shows the ambitions hidden behind the calm aura of her character, a woman who always tries to appear calm but is actually very self-deprecating in front of her rich and pretty best friend Ba Da. Ambitions, jealousy, inferiority complex turns her into a cruel person.

Red Balloon Seo Ji Hye

Perfectly portraying the character’s psychological development, Seo Ji Hye has received countless compliments. She acted so well that viewers can hardly hate her character. Although she is a villain, she is still pitiful and reprehensible.

Source: k14.

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