This handsome actor used to be called “a pig” when he was in the military

Can you imagine Lee Dong-wook being shamed for his appearance?

On SBS’s program “Healing Camp,” Lee Dong-wook shared a shocking story of him being called “a pig” for his weight.

lee dong wook

The actor recalled the time when he went to the military. Before going, he was only 70 kg. After his enlistment, Lee Dong-wook gained 16 kilograms, weighing 86 kilograms at the time.

lee dong wook

As the uniforms were given only once, after gaining weight, the actor couldn’t even button his shirt, thus gaining the nickname “white pig.”

However, as a very dedicated actor, Lee Dong-wook went on a super strict diet and exercised, as he said, “like crazy” in 2 months to regain his muscles. In order to be able to do shower scenes and beach scenes, the actor ran 10 km everyday, showing how determined he was.

lee dong wook

Thanks to his hard work, Lee Dong-wook came back with god-like visuals and has been giving us all the eye-blessing scenes we need.

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