“She looked cute and youthful during her debut days”, This female singer wowed netizens with her image changes

Hyuna, a former member of Wonder Girls and 4Minute, shocked everyone with her recent charismatic appearance.

On March 23rd, Hyuna posted several photos on her Instagram account.

Instagram ‘hyunah_aa’

The first photo shows Hyuna wearing no top and covering her chest with only her arms. She seemed to have gone through quite a few style changes. In particular, the female singer had trimmed her eyebrows and cut her hair short.

In contrast with her blonde hair, the back of her head was darkened, looking like it was shaved. By changing her appearance, Hyuna also gave off a new atmosphere.

Instagram ‘hyunah_aa’

Hyuna’s attempt to try something new with this bold transformation drew admiration and compliments from netizens. Some fans even commented, “Why don’t you try the concept during your debut days again?”.

In fact, Hyuna’s debut look is very different from her current image. Firstly, she had a completely opposite style back then. Rather than her current short haircut, Hyuna once captivated the public with her youthful and refreshing vibe when having long hair.


In 2010, Hyuna released her first solo song “Change”. From this point on, “sexy” became one of the keywords to describe Hyuna. The song “Bubble Pop”, which was released after Hyuna became an adult, was a hit. Especially, “Bubble Pop” music video surpassed 2.3 million views on YouTube in just two days.

As Hyuna has kept the sexy concept for a long time, does she want to show some changes now? By implementing a genre-crossing style with bleaching and piercing, Hyuna does not limit her image to just sexy.

Netizens who miss Hyuna’s debut image showed various reactions, such as “Hyuna had chubby cheeks during her debut days. She looks too skinny now”, “Hyuna’s heyday was definitely the ‘Change’ and ‘Bubble Pop’ eras”, “I think her current appearance is okay… It’s a little wild”, etc.

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