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This female idol gets a refund for 7 out of 10 packages she ordered through online shopping malls 

WJSN members revealed that Luda often gets a refund for more than half of the items she orders online.

Girl group WJSN guested on MBC M, MBC every1’s entertainment show “Weekly Idol”, which aired on July 6th, to promote their comeback with the special single album “Sequence”.

On the broadcast, a new corner called “Fans’ ranking” was carried out for WJSN. “Fans’ ranking” is the corner where idols guess the rankings selected by fans. WJSN made a successful welcoming ceremony for this new corner with their heated discussion and stories in every question.

wjsn weekly idol

WJSN was asked, “If you want to get a refund, which member will be the fastest to get a refund?”. For this question, Exy picked Luda

wjsn weekly idol

Luda then explained, “It’s not that I’m good at getting a refund but it’s more like I do it well because I’ve done it many times”. Upon hearing this, WJSN members reacted, “That means you’re good at it”. 

wjsn weekly idol

Exy revealed a behind story, saying “If Luda buys 10 packages, she will get a refund for 7 out of the 10”. In response, Luda said, “That’s because I always order the wrong items”, revealing the reason.

wjsn weekly idol

Exy continued, “The process of getting a refund is really annoying. I picked Luda because I saw her try so hard to get a refund for her orders”, explaining why she chose Luda as the member who seems to be good at getting a refund.

She continued, “I think Eun-seo can do it well, too”, choosing Eun-seo as one of the “Refund Queens”. However, Yeo-reum was eventually voted as the No.1 “Refund Queen” by the WJSN members. Regarding the reason, the members said, “Yeo-reum’s voice is normally very cute, but when she thinks something is not right, she will talk a lot”.

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