This fan still does not forget to be an EXO-L during Halloween

It’s Halloween but fans still don’t forget the mission to support their idol’s comeback in less than 3 days.

Recently, an EXO forum has shared a Halloween costume of an EXO-L at school masquerading as she chose to transform into EXO’s light stick. This fan wore all white clothes, her makeup is quite creepy but she had a whole model with the logo of EXO on her head, which made EXO-Ls excited because of her costume.

  • “When you want to get the attention of oppa during the Halloween season, the best thing to do is dress up as a light stick!”
  • “If she wears this to EXO’s concert, they may invite her to go on stage and sing Playboy. Such a cool costume!”
  • “When you go out for Halloween, but you still want they boys to come back in your heart.”
  • “It’s too cool, their comeback must hit daebak this time.”
  • “Look at this terrorist lightstick, I can’t wait to the days of their comeback.”

Just three days away from EXO comeback, so maybe EXO-L can’t forget the task of supporting their idol, and led to this unique costume. The rest of EXO-L who are wondering what to dress up for Halloween can learn from this fan, who has such a unique appearance, and can support the boys before comeback at the same time!

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