This Big3 boy group’s improving in fashion style makes fans cry happy tears!

Just a few years ago this group was called the ‘Next Generation Disaster’.

Since their debut, SM Entertainment has been leading NCT to do “pioneering” concept, which has never been tested by anyone. The group’s outfits and fashion style are one of the characteristics that emphasize that profound difference.

Of course, SM has succeeded in portraying the unique image of the NCT, but unfortunately this image does not get public support. During the first two years, the public had continuously criticized their weird costumes, and lack of synchronization among the members.

Every time they made a comeback, the public got more and more curious, whether NCT will wear the worse outfits, and when will SM Entertainment fire the stylist.

The only salient point that fans can cling onto is the beauty of the boys. At least they make people less angry when looking at the concept that NCT pursue.

Fortunately, since 2018, NCT has successfully implemented a visual revolution. Now, all the members, all the units are dressed appropriately with various styles: luxurious, unique, sexy, manly, and youthful also.

For the first time since NCT’s debut, the public has realized how beautiful the boys are. What a great revolution!

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