This actress, who is rumored to be pregnant before marriage, delivered a surprising dating news

Actress Jang Mi In Ae fell in love.

Actress Jang Mi In Ae has been dating a non-celebrity businessman for more than a year and is reportedly on the premise of marriage. A number of media outlets, including OSEN, reported on May 10th, citing an official position from BES Company.

jang mi in ae

The couple has reportedly been in a serious relationship for more than a year. It is reported that their acquaintances are also well aware of their relationship.

However, she refused to say anything about the recent “pre-marital pregnancy rumor.” Her agency told Star News, “We have nothing to say about the pregnancy rumor. She will announce her position later,” it said.

jang mi in ae

Jang Mi In Ae‘s “pre-marital pregnancy rumor” arose due to a photo posted on her SNS earlier. At that time, Jang Mi In Ae posted a photo on her Instagram story saying, “Hi with the shooting star,” revealing her bulging belly. Speculation has also been raised that “shooting star” may be the fetus’ nickname.

Meanwhile, Jang made her debut with the sitcom “Nonstop 4” in 2003 and has been active in various dramas and movies.

jang mi in ae

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