This actress was a reenactor for TV shows and got cast for the female lead role in a Netflix drama through a 600:1 audition

The casting story of actress Kang Hae Lim, who recently starred in Netflix’s “Somebody”, has been released.

Netflix’s original series “Somebody”, which was released in mid-November, drew keen attention by introducing a unique romance between a serial killer, who commits murders using a dating app, and an app developer.


Kang Hae Lim played the female lead Kim Sum, who develops the dating app Somebody in the drama. She’s a rookie actress who was cast for the role after going through an audition with a competition rate of 600:1.

kang hae lim

Before making her acting debut through the web drama “Idol Fever” in 2017, Kang Hae Lim was chosen for Miss Korea Busan-Ulsan in 2016 and even advanced to the finals. 

kang hae lim

In addition, she was also a reenactment actress. Kang Hae Lim appeared as a reenactment actress on the entertainment program “Love Naggers”, which is releasing Season 3 and still receiving huge love, drawing deep sympathy from viewers. MC Jo Woo Jae exclaimed “She’s my favorite” every time she appeared on the screen. Kang Hae Lim was also the first reenactment actor to appear in the studio.

kang hae lim

Her recent work “Somebody” was the first drama by Jung Ji Woo, who directed “Happy End” and “A Muse”. Therefore, she had already been aware of the fact that there would be intense exposure scenes and affectionate bed scenes before the filming started. 

It is known that her mother was against her decision to star in this work at first. However, Kang Hae Lim was not worried about that at all because she has a bold personality and also likes taking challenges. Thanks to that, she was able to surpass everyone in the audition with a competition rate of 600:1 and win the leading role.

kang hae lim

Kang Hae Lim shared, “I met a character that suits me so well through this work, and it was really interesting to do real acting on the set”. She also revealed her desire to play an attractive villain. 

After seeing her impressive acting in “Somebody”, many drama fans are having expectations for Kang Hae Lim to become an actress who can show various kinds of acting and diverse images in the future.

Source: Daum

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