This actor is said to beat even Kang Dong Won in terms of handsomeness 

With his stunning visuals, this actor even surpasses Kang Dong Won when it comes to appearance. 

In 2010, the movie “Haunters” drew attention just by starring two of the most handsome Korean actors, Kang Dong Won and Go Soo. The fact that they were cast in the same work attracted keen attention. Thanks to Go Soo’s good looks that rivaled Kang Dong Won, who has long been called “legendary” when it comes to visuals, there were even talks about him beating Kang Dong Won in terms of looks.


Later, according to Kang Dong Won himself, he saw Go Soo in person and knew why he was nicknamed “GoVid”. Go Soo’s face with defined features was said to resemble a sculpture. 

Go Soo was so handsome that when Kang Dong Won first saw him, he thought “Wow. He’s really manly. He looks so gentle and handsome.” In particular, Go Soo’s eyes are his biggest charm, making him even more attractive. 

Go Soo

Source: Daum

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