This 20-Year-Old Female Idol Expresses Marriage Concerns and Mentions Low Birth Rates

IVE’s Ahn Yujin expressed her concerns about marriage.

On May 12th, a behind-the-scenes video was released on the YouTube channel of Lee Youngji’s YouTube show “No Prepare.” The video featured appearances by IVE’s Ahn Yujin.


Lee Youngji asked Ahn Yujin, “Don’t you have any thoughts about marriage?” and said, “I’m seriously thinking about getting married these days.” 

Ahn Yujin replied, “Shouldn’t we get married in our lives?” She continued, “They say there’s low birth rates these days,” making everyone laugh.


Ahn Yujin asked once again, “So, do you want to get married?” Lee Youngji answered positively about marriage, saying, “I do want to. My thoughts on marriage are the same as yours. I want to have a child once and see my little one.

However, Lee Youngji said, “But my mom had a hard time raising me. Shouldn’t I not have the same kid as me? That’s a disaster by my standards.”


When Ahn Yujin replied, “But can’t the child not be the same as you?” Lee Young Ji showed honesty, saying, “No matter what man I meet, my genes will be stronger.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Yujin and Lee Youngji are currently appearing on the tvN entertainment program “Earth Arcade 2”. 

Source: Daum

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