Things you need to know about Coldplay and BTS’ hit collaboration

After much anticipation from fans, the first handshake between Coldplay and BTS has been confirmed by the owner.

Accordingly, the bilingual cooperation product will be officially released this September. Right from the moment Coldplay announced the release of the next studio album titled “Music Of The Spheres”, the worldwide ARMY community has continuously expressed interest when it was reported that BTS would be participating in the concert. music above. Soon after, the interesting “hint” series was also revealed by fans to prove this. However, it all boils down to prediction.

After the first two singles on the album were released, Coldplay continued to reveal the next song through the Twitter page called Alien Radio FM used to promote the new disc. Accordingly, a series of special language characters appearing in a short video has been successfully decoded by the audience with the content “Coldplay x BTS My Universe”. To the excitement of the fans, yesterday (September 13), Coldplay and BTS both simultaneously confirmed this collaboration through their official social media accounts.

As reported, the song “My Universe” is co-written by Coldplay and BTS, and produced by the famous producer Max Martin. In particular, the lyrics are written in both English and Korean. The song is scheduled to be released on September 24th. Meanwhile, the album “Music Of The Spheres” will come out on October 15. This will be the third track on the album after 2 previously released songs “Higher Power” and “Coloratura”.

The first collaboration between BTS and…
…Coldplay is expected to be a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

While Coldplay is considered a legendary British rock band, BTS is also gradually asserting their reputation in the international market by successively ranking 1st place on Billboard Hot 100. Therefore, this collaboration promises to record more impressive milestones in both groups’ careers. If “My Universe” debuts at No.1, it will be Coldplay’s first No.1 on Hot 100 in about 13 years since “Viva La Vida” (2008).

Not long ago, BTS had a cover performance to the song “Fix You” and received many compliments from Coldplay. The main vocalist Chris Martin even did not hesitate to fanboy over the Big Hit’s boy group.

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