“They are wasting Kim Hye-soo’s acting”… The reason viewers reacted negatively despite the rising rating of “The Queen’s Umbrella”

“The Queen’s Umbrella” is close to surpassing 10% viewer rating after airing only two episodes. However, some viewers are expressing regrets about the actors’ performances.

According to the rating survey company Nielsen Korea on October 17th, the 2nd episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”, which aired on the previous day (Oct 16th), recorded an average nationwide viewer rating of 9.1% with a real-time peak of 10.4%.

the queens umbrella

This result is a 1.4% increase from the rating of 7.7% recorded in episode 1, which was broadcast on Oct 15th, and also the highest viewership record. 

In particular, “The Queen’s Umbrella” is right ahead of surpassing 10% after only two episodes, ranking 1st among dramas of the same broadcasting time on all channels in the rating charts nationwide and in Seoul area.

the queens umbrella

In this episode, Queen Im Hwa-ryeong (Kim Hye-soo) was seen struggling when facing mountains rising one above another, from the shocking truth that happened in the royal family in the past to the fatal secret of Prince Gyeseong (Yoo Seon-ho), who dressed as a woman.

Being pushed into a situation where she cannot back down, Hwa-ryeong revealed the reason why she had to educate the Grand Princes, raising expectations for the future developments of the story.

the queens umbrella

As soon as the gunless war to save the Princes started, intense twists appeared one after another. In the process, Kim Hye-soo naturally connected various emotional lines and captivated viewers with her solid acting skills.

She is creating a flawless character with her diverse images, such as using a bright tone to lighten the serious situation and bring pleasant energy when she was with the Grand Princes as well as dramatically portraying the desperate Queen Hwa-ryeong and her inner feelings as a human being who is about to collapse.

the queens umbrella

Although Kim Hye-soo is showing more of what we’ve been seeing in her acting every time she appears, some viewers are expressing their regrets about the performances of the actors who play the princes.

Netizens who watched the drama poured out criticism, such as “Kim Hye-soo is really trying hard to carry the drama”, “Prince Ui-seong’s acting is seriously bad”, etc. Some commented, “They are wasting Kim Hye-soo’s acting”.

“The Queen’s Umbrella” is a drama that depicts the struggles of Queen Im Hwa-ryeong, who abandons her dignity for the sake of her sons and enters the fierce royal education war to educate the troublemaker princes. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m on tvN.

Attention is focused on whether this work will be able to calm the controversies over the cast’s acting and continue to its rising rating performance. 

Source: insight

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