These were the dormitories that were given to the girl groups at the time of their debut

The YG girls are at a different level.

Beyond their career, are you interested in the private lives of KPOP idols? If you have, you have to find out about the dormitory, where the idols wake up, eat, and stay every day.

Depending on the conditions and level of investment, each idol group is arranged in a separate dormitory. Let’s take a look at the places where female idols leave during their early days of debut!


The living space of Lovelyz can be seen as a popular dorm model for KPOP female group. Because of the small space, they have to arrange and share space for each other.


Basically, the small number of members (only 6 people) helped GFriend release some pressure on the area used. In addition, the layout and use of bright colors helps the group’s dormitory looks much more spacious.

Cosmic Girls

In contrast to GFriend, the most crowded female group of KPOP faced many difficulties when their living space must meet the needs of up to 13 girls. Bunk beds is the trademark when it comes to Cosmic Girls’  dormitory.


At the time of their debut, the girl group moved into a dormitory that was not too large but very nice. 11 members were divided into 3 rooms, at 3-3-5.


CJ E & M invested very strongly in fromis_9 when the group came to live in a two storey apartment with 9 members. Especially, the apartment is designed with modern style and has many practical gadgets for young idols.


TWICE’s dorm is a two-storey apartment, which can accommodate up to nine members. The special feature of this dorm is that it includes a small, hair-styling salon set up in the basement.

The members split in 3 rooms and they have a total of 6 bathrooms to take turns.


The first image of IZ*ONE’s dormitory was revealed through the reality show of the group. In general, the dorm is very spacious and comfortable, which can meet the needs of IZ*ONE at the present.

Black Pink

Compared to the above idol groups, Black Pink’s dorm seems to be on a different level when its rent is up to more than 10,500 USD / month (2017).

Located in an apartment block close to Han River, the apartment provides each member private room with balcony so they can enjoy private space. With the common space, their dorm is full of the latest and most innovative facilities.

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