These tearful moments between Kpop idols and their families will probably break your heart

The moments Kpop idols reuniting with their families and loved ones after long time will probably break your heart.

As a Kpop idol, artists always bring with them the pressure, and they spend most of their time making music with the challenges that await them ahead. In order to serve the busy life of an artist, they have to sacrifice themselves a lot, even the exchange of time being with their loved ones. Here are some heartbreaking moments when the idols reunite with their families after hard working hours, making the public extremely touched.

Lisa (Black Pink)

In Black Pink’s interviews, when asked about her family, Lisa was always the first to cry. Now living in a country far away from home, Lisa cannot meet her family in Thailand regularly. Her parents came to see her on reality show of Black Pink is considered the sweetest surprise for Lisa after a long time away from home.

Lisa shed tears when reunited with her family

Jinwoo (WINNER)

After being in the survival show and debuted under WINNER, Jinwoo had not been able to meet his family for a long time until he had a chance to visit his hometown. At this time, he spent time with his father and read the letter he wrote to his father.

Jinwoo and his father could not hold back tears after a long time without seeing each other


Jessi is a fierce, straightforward, and extremely powerful rapper. Her smile and playful personality is a mask that hides her secret sadness. Jessi is also an overseas artist, so she has to live in Korea and stay away from her family for a long time. When she met her loved ones, strong Jessi now becomes fragile and unable to hold back tears.

Jessi burst into tears after discovering that the man in the ring was her father

Jackson (GOT7)

Jackson is known to be a happy virus, transmitting energy and happiness to all. Fans rarely see Jackson shed tears, but when he was reunited with his family at Christmas, he had cried so much because he could not hold back his emotions.–Bo
Jackson cried like a child when reunited with his mother


After going through a harsh training program and becoming busier since debut, SEVENTEEN members have been away from home for a long time. When the members had a chance to see their family again, the eyes of the members were soaked. After all, they are just teenage boys, still in need of family care.

SEVENTEEN members shed tears when they met their family again

Jessica Jung

At the birthday party, Jessica shared her special day with the fans. On this occasion, she received a lovely letter from her younger sister, Krystal. To surprise her sister, Krystal also appeared on the stage in the burst of Jessica as well as the fans. Jessica was extremely touched and cried a lot for her sister’s special gift.

The moment the two sisters Jessica and Krystal reunited was so touching

J-Hope (BTS)

Everyone knows that J-Hope is the one that is always optimistic and smiles all the time. However, he cried a lot at his 21st birthday, when the BTS members gave J-Hope a heart-felt clip. Having struggled to become a global group, J-Hope and other BTS members must have sacrificed so much.

J-Hope burst into tears when seeing BTS’ love for him

Kyulkyung (PRISTIN)

It is often difficult for siblings to express emotions as well as feelings for each other. Kyulkyung was very touched and happy when her younger brother, who was always fighting with her, expressed his admiration for her. She was crying and watching the moment her brother spoke about her.

The female idol Kyulkyung was touched when hearing her brother share sincere feelings about her for the first time

Hani (EXID)

Hani won the hearts of the fans due to her sincere behavior and humor. You probably do not know that Hani has a wonderful brother who possesses the same personality as her. He always takes care of Hani and even obediently follows the request of his sister. Many people may feel jealous of Hani’s having a so good brother.

Hani’s brother deserves the title of the best brother in the world

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