These fanmade sub-units are unimaginably perfect!

With the debut of SNSD Oh!GG, Kpop fans realize that the industry is still lacking sub-units with outstanding concept and color.

Indeed, if SNSD‘s Oh!GG hadn’t debuted, many fans would have forgotten that KPOP once had a flourished era with countless number of small unit groups. Some names can be mentioned such as SNSD TTS, GD & TOP, Orange Caramel, SISTAR 19, Trouble Maker …

Up to now, most of those small groups have disbanded or completely retired from the entertainment industry. It is time for the public to welcome new, more modern and equally talented sub-units with diversity. Users from an entertainment forum have jointly designed many attractive sub-units, such as:


Members: Jennie (main vocal, rapper), Lisa (vocal, dancer)

Debut background: Jennie and Lisa are thought to be in charge of the “BLACK” half in “BLACKPINK”. So if we omit the “PINK” and double the “BLACK”, what do we have in the end?

Debut concept: Dark and fierce.

TWICE M (Magenta)

Members: Jihyo (Main vocal, Leader), Jungyeon (Vocal), Mina (Vocal, Center), Momo (Dancer), Chaeyoung (Rapper).

Debut background: When TWICE showed off their new concept that was opposite with what they used to have.

Debut concept: Girl crush, sexy.

Red Velvet SWJ

Members: Seulgi (Vocal, Dancer, Leader), Wendy (Main vocal), Joy (Vocal, Center)

Debut background: Netizens are always curious about the combination of the most positively active 3 members of Red Velvet.

Debut concept: Two opposite concepts: Bright vs Mysterious


Members: Yuju (Main vocal), Eunha (Vocal), Yerin (Leader, Vocal, Center)

Debut background: 3 members with most stable vocal skills in GFRIEND

Debut concept: Dream girls who own powerful vocals.

92XO (Goo-E-X-O)

Members: Baekhyun (Vocal), Chen (Vocal), Chanyeol (Vocal)

Debut background: EXO’s special 92-line

Debut concept: Manly, inspired by action figures like secret agents.


Members: Yoon Jisung (Vocal, Leader), Ong Sungwoo (Vocal), Kim Jaehwan (Main vocal), Kang Daniel (Vocal, Center).

Debut background: Fans hope that these 4 will still active together after WANNA ONE disband

Debut concept: Young and fresh


Members: V (vocal, leader), Jimin (vocal, dance), Jungkook (main vocal, center, maknae)

Debut background: Maknae line that is also BTS’ top three members with strongest fanbases.

Debut concept: Classic, like “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

MAMAMOO 2YoungGirls

Members: Wheein (vocal), Hwasa (vocal)

Debut background: Maknae line that is also the famous couple in MAMAMOO, often call themselves 2YoungGirls every time greeting fans.

Debut concept: Feminine, R&B songs.


Members: Doyoung (main vocal), Jaehyun (vocal), Jungwoo (vocal, center)

Debut background: 3 sweet vocals who do not have many opportunities to show their color in NCT.

Debut concept: Gentleman, who always welcome you when you come home.


Members: Yeonwoo (vocal, leader), Jane (main vocal, dance), Nayun (vocal)

Debut background: Members who are talented but are overshadowed by the members and MOMOLAND‘s concepts.

Debut concept: modern girls with full of confidence.

Members: Shownu (main vocal, leader), Wonho (vocal, center), Hyungwon (vocal, maknae)

Debut background: Three “big” boys MONSTA X with potential vocals.

Debut concept: The contrast between the muscular big guys, but singing love songs and ballads.


Members: Eunjung (main vocal, leader), Hyomin (vocal), Jiyeon (vocal, center, maknae)

Debut background: 3 members who have the best stage performance in T-ara

Debut concept: Similar to “Sugar Free”.


Members: Sooyoung (vocal, leader), Yuri (main vocal, center), Hyoyeon (dance, vocal)

Debut background: the mischievous members who do not hide their passion from making up the unit.

Debut concept: Funny and carefree girls who know how to have fun.

These are some new ideas in the KPOP fan community. Do you have your own dream sub-unit?

Source: tinnhac

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