These are the reasons why YG’s artists are always better than SM’s and JYP’s at going solo?

With many talented artists gathering and their perfect preparation, from training, PR to music production, YG has become a music company that owns many idols who have had successful solo careers.

For Kpopfans, the fact that a member of a group suddenly acts solo song may not be unfamiliar. However, not everyone can succeed in the solo path. The idols below demonstrate the level of YG’s in making artists have successful solo careers.


Certainly, the title of “the idol with the most glorious solo career” must belong to “Kpop King”, G-Dragon. Many fans anticipate this as well, as he has become an idol of idols and a “living legend” in Kpop entertainment. Having debuted solo since 2009, G-Dragon has received a total of55 awards at many year-end awards and 28 trophies on weekly music shows.

YG has become a music company that owns many idols who have had successful solo careers
G-Dragon created his own level in the Korean music scene.

Therefore, G-Dragon successfully held solo concerts and world tours, starting with a concert called “Shine A Light”. With his outstanding talent, unique musical style and composing ability, BIGBANG leader’s solo song quickly became such hits as: “One Of A Kind”, “That XX”, “Crooked”, “Crayon”, etc


Taeyang along with G-Dragon are the two members who have successful solo careers in BIGBANG. The popular songs that help Taeyang have a successful solo career can be referred to as “Look Only At Me”, “Where You At”, “Wedding Dress”, “Ringa Linga”, etc

YG has become a music company that owns many idols who have had successful solo careers

In particular, the hit song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” in the second solo album called “Rise”. The song has created a cover fever on Youtube and other social networks, helping Taeyang to receive the Daesang “Song of the Year” at MAMA 2014.

Park Bom

Being selected as the first member to debut with the image of a solo artist in the group 2NE1, Park Bom has made fans extremely surprised while CL should have been the name selected to have the first solo product. However, with her single, along with two hit songs, “You and I” and “Don’tCry,” Park Bom made the audience have no doubt of her talent. In addition, Park Bom has also shown the necessary elements to become a true solo artist.

With 2 hit solos, Park Bom has shown her vocal with the inner strength, the depth and showing her natural acting style. Park Bom is one of the few female idol singers in the Kpop group that is guessed to make a difference if they split up solo.


It seems that YG is the cradle of talented musicians with the impressive and unique music style. CL – The leader of 2NE1 is such a person.

CL officially went solo in May 2013 with her debut single “The Baddest Female”. With the unique MV, CL’s trademark vocal style has helped this song rise to the top of many prestigious music charts.

Over theyears, CL has proven her talent and musical style through many music products.Along with that, the powerful rap voice and unique fashion sense are thetrademarks of CL – the 2NE1 leader.


And the newest member that YG has split up to go solo is none other than Jennie’s (BLACK PINK). Through the solo album, Jennie has revealed an alluring side rather than her image when working with the group. Jennie has a unique charm, a sexy look and the charisma, so YG will rely on these features to develop an unprecedented solo artist.

With MV SOLO, Jennie smashed the public’s suspicions about her abilities. The song quickly gained its record, including Allkill after two hours of release, and making Jennie the first female idol to reach #1 Worldwide Itunes Song with more than14 million views after nearly a day launch. …

Although it is still too early to conclude whether Jennie is as successful as her seniors or not, Jennie can use her talents and the strong yet sweet personality as the ladders to reach the top of her career in the future.

The record and enthusiastic support of the audiences have shown how popular and talent these idols are. Group activities are already hard but working solo is even more difficult when you have to manage everything. But thanks to talent and effort, the boys and girls of YG have achieved great success.

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