These are the reasons why BTS & TWICE are always the K-pop “prince” & “princess”?

Not only do BTS and TWICE have big fandoms in K-pop, but they also regularly rank No. 1 in terms of ticket and album sales which are far greater than other groups.

Gaon Music Chart, has recently announced the top most popular K-pop groups in 2017. Among categories like Group with the most downloaded song, Group with most fan interaction when livestreaming and Group with the highest ticket sales, TWICE and BTS are the leading girl group and boy group. To netizens, this result can totally be predicted.

gaon, twice, bts, 2018
There is a far distance between TWICE and BTS’ positions and others’ on Gaon Chart 2017.
Beating big competitors such as EXO or Red Velvet, BTS and TWICE have officially proved how “hot” they are on all Korean music charts. So, what makes these two names favorite by many fans? Let’s discover the factors which help them become the K-pop “prince” and “princess”.

Music style

Firstly, we need to mention the amazing music styles of both groups because they are the reasons why their products are always supported by the public.

bts, bts fire, gif, 2017
While most of K-pop groups’ styles are dominated by their management companies, BTS freely creates their music style. Big Hit allows BTS to decide the direction that they think is suitable for them. All 7 members are involved in the production and contribute to the formation of their own styles. As a result, their music has its own color which is completely different from others’.
Meanwhile, TWICE is in pursuit of a cheerful and energetic music style which is neither pure nor sexy and mature. TWICE’s music makes listeners happy and love their lives more.
twice, knock knock, gif
If you want to be happy, just listen to TWICE’s songs!!!

Beautiful members

Netizens often criticize some members of other groups for mostly not playing any important roles in their groups and for being added to the group just because of their attractive appearance. But it’s not true to BTS and TWICE! Each of them is an important piece which can’t be separated from the group for any reasons. Their fans can’t imagine a BTS without Jin or Suga, or a TWICE without Momo or Tzuyu.

BTS, red carpet, kbs, 2017
This is the best formation of BTS!
kpop, twice, likey
Nobody can imagine how TWICE can still work without any of them
In addition, we have to admit that Big Hit and JYP are very good at picking group members because every select idol is a “magnet” that attracts a lot of fans. While BTS attracts their fans with their talents and super cute personalities, TWICE’s members are all beautiful and attractive in their own ways. There are hardly any other groups like TWICE that makes it hard to pick the most beautiful member.
kpop, bts, amas, 2017
The talents and styles of these boys have conquered the world!
kpop, twice, twice members, kbs
It’s hard to pick the most beautiful member in TWICE!
kpop, twice, 2018
Because all of them are as beautiful as angels!

Having many “most amazing moments in K-pop”

It’s no exaggeration to say that both BTS and TWICE constantly have amazing moments that make their fans fall for them. While BTS’s cool facial expressions keep making their fans over-excited, TWICE is the most successful idol in terms of starting trends in K-pop. All of their “deadly” winks, amazing hair flips and beautiful hair moments have become hot topics for netizens to discuss on online forums.

kpop, bts, bts v, moment
This photo of V has been spread on SNS for a long time because he looks more beautiful than a flower
bts, jungkook, fancam
Jungkook made fan girls fall for him because he looks this cool!
bts, jin, fancam
Just getting out of the car, you needn’t be beautiful like that, Jin!!!
twice, tzuyu, ISAC
During Tzuyu’s archery competition, she had an amazing hair flip like in a Fantasy. Right after this clip was revealed, it became a trend.
kpop, twice, dahyun, TT
Dahyun’s various facial expressions made many fans go crazy
With those factors and their hard work, BTS and TWICE gradually prove their abilities and show everybody that they are just like other excellent groups. However, the K-pop “prince” and “princess” can be changed anytime. So, let’s stay tuned to see whether BTS and TWICE can maintain their standings in K-pop in the future!

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