These accidents will make you stop thinking that attending concerts is always great

The horrible incidents listed below have made fans feel worried every time they have the chance to attend the concerts of their favorite idols.

If you are a K-pop fan, you would surely love to meet and interact with your idol. However, concerts are not always a wonderful place like how fans have been thinking, judging from the unfortunate incidents listed below.

Assaulted by security staff

Recently, after an EXO concert, a fan was upset because the security staff at the concert assaulted her. This fan was hit in the chest and notably, she had just undergone a heart surgery a few months ago. That was not the only assault case happening at idols’ concerts, but it made everyone angry. Many fans left comments showing support to this fan, asked the security staff to apologize, and even asked SM Entertainment to resolve the matter.

A fan showed her rage due to being assaulted by a security staff at an EXO’s concert.
The photo of the scar shared by this fan.

Kicked out of the fanmeeting

During a BTS fanmeeting held in Tokyo, a lot of BTS’ fansites were kicked for shooting illegally. Although doing that is clearly wrong and a lot of master-nims have been kicked out of idols’ events but this case made a lot of people angry. Not only were they forced out of the fanmeeting, the fansites were followed by security staffs to their hotel and even had their personal belongings ransacked.

Not only were they kicked out of the event, they were followed to the hotel and had their belongings ransacked.


This must be the most horrible experience that fans do not want to encounter. There are thousands of people at concerts and fainting is very dangerous. During the concert of WANNA ONE, there were 5 fans who fainted because of lack of space and air. Other fans said that the standing area is like “hell”. Thousands of people were shoving each other, screaming at each other, that is why a lot of fans could not bear the pressure and finally fainted.

Fan fainted during WANNA ONE’s concert because of the lack of space

Being true K-pop fans, everyone would like to have a go at their favorite idols’ concerts. However, the fans must be very careful about their safety in order to have the best experience and not encounter any unfortunate incident!

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