These 3 groups are seen by Vogue as the top fashion icons of K-Pop

Recently, the Vogue UK has just named BTS, BLACK PINK and EXO as the top fashion icons of K-Pop thanks to their charms.

Standing at the top of the list is BLACK PINK. Vogue commented that this girlgroup owns a very specific fashion sense with a different style for each member. The 4 girls prove themselves to be the top K-Pop stars with simple but impressive and eye-catching clothings.
Usually, each girlgroup only has one member with the most outstanding appearance to represent her group’s visual. However, with BLACK PINK, this rule is broken for the 4 members all have extraordinary visual. Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa all own a perfect body-shape and eye-catching faces. Even more important, their aura is a big advantages in the eyes of the public.
BLACK PINK is highly-rated with their modern fashion sense which is more on the high fashion category with designs from many big brands like Chanel, Gucci…
Model-like waistline and long legs are also the advantages of BLACK PINK’s members. This is the reason why the girls usually choose croptops or shorts to show off their perfect bodyline.
Especially, as the brand representative of Chanel in Korea, BLACK PINK’s Jennie is one of the hottest face to the media. Her appearance at many big fashion event is always at the center of attention.
Right behind the YG’s grirlgroup is the famous boygroup from SM Entertainment – EXO. In 2017, Vogue named EXO as the most fashionable K-Pop group of all time.
In an article about EXO members’ fashion sense, Vogue especially emphasized on how EXO used the tropical sense on their fashion in the track Ko Ko Bop, reminding people with a sharp fashion sense.
EXO’s way on proving themselves through fashion is noted on Vogue right before the release of Call Me Baby back in 2015. After that, they started to focus on each member’s personality by adjusting the outfits to fit each member’s personal taste. EXO was also mentioned as pioneers of big brands like Louis Vuitton or chic designs from Raf Simons.
Already familiar with the fashion world, Kai is one of the representatives of the brand Gucci. He was highly-appreciated by Vogue with his impressive fashion sense even when he is just wearing casual clothings.
After Kai, Vogue answered that they will be looking for a more reckless fashion choice with Sehun. This is not a big surprise for Sehun was named as the most well-dressed man at the Louis Vuitton Resort 2019. He is also a representative of the Italian high fashion brand Ermenegasy Zegna.
BTS is mentioned right after BLACK PINK and EXO with their chic fashion choice and the synchronization of each member’s theme to create a harmonized formation. Vogue mentioned that even when BTS haven’t attended any international fashion week, but their images on world-scale music stages making the audience anticipates their appearance at world famous fashion events.
This is not the first time these idols are named in the fashion world. Both EXO and BTS have been mentioned by Vogue and other fashion magazines in the past with their impressive fashion sense.
BTS draws attention with their special and futuristic wardrobe choice. Each member has their own style, and Vogue has noticed them since their appearance at the Billboard Music Awards 2018. This fashion magazine has chosen BTS as the most well-dressed artists. Doesn’t matter if it was a Saint-Laurent or a pajama party, BTS’s fashion taste is highli-appreciated.
Other idols and groups which are also mentioned in the list of Vogue’s fashion icons are Winner, Zico, G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang, CL and Sandara Park…

Sources: zing