“There’s another reason why JTBC cannot let go of ‘Snowdrop’ that easy”

While JTBC is being caught up in controversy over its drama series “Snowdrop”, a netizen’s article is drawing much attention.  

On Dec 21st, a post titled “The reason why JTBC will not be able to abolish ‘Snowdrop’.jpg” is uploaded on the online community theqoo

The writer speculated, “’Snowdrop’ has already signed a streaming contract with Disney Plus. As K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ has been released with the global market as it target at the same time it airs in Korea, with no VOD replay or any other OTT service apart from the real-time broadcast on TV, its contract amount with Disney Plus won’t be small at all.”


They also said, “The drama has received 100 billion won in investment from Chinese IT company ‘Tencent’.”

The writer then argued that there is a separate reason why JTBC cannot let go of “Snowdrop.” They argued that the reason is JTBC‘s upcoming drama, “When The Day Breaks”, whose filming is currently suspended.

“JTBC is also preparing for a drama called “When The Day Breaks.” This drama stars actors Han Seok-kyu, Jung Yoo-mi, Lee Hee-joon, Kim Joon-han, Yeom Hye-ran, and Joo Min-tae. The filming has already been done quite a lot,” they explained.

The writer of the post claimed that, “’When The Day Breaks’ is based on Chinese writer Zi Jin-chen’s original novel “The Long Night”. Writer Zi Jin-chen has ridiculed and insulted the Hong Kong independence activists as ‘lazy and pathetic unemployed’ and wrote on his SNS insane things such as saying that he wanted to reveal his colleagues who were supporting the Hong Kong independence but had decided to overlook.”

Currently, “When The Day Breaks” has been filmed until the eighth episode, and no additional filming has been made because the team is trying to “further perfect the script”.

The writer speculated, “In this situation, if JTBC gives up on ‘Snowdrop’, there will be a precedent, and the drama ‘When The Day Breaks’ that will come later may also become a problem as well, which is why I think they are pushing ahead to keep ‘Snowdrop’.”

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