There will be a BTS-themed tour course in Suga’s hometown, Daegu?

Daegu City, the hometown of BTS member Suga, is seeking to create a “BTS Tourism Theme Street.”

On July 23rd, the Daegu Daily newspaper said, “The city of Daegu, hometown of BTS’s Suga, is planning to create a themed street to expand tourism effectiveness. The main theme of the road is that the one-kilometer road from Suga’s house to around the outskirts of Daegu Health College will be commercialized for tourism by readjusting the sidewalks, exterior walls and benches according to BTS’ theme,” the report said.

The city is also planning various tourism contents such as designing bus No. 724 that attends Taejeon Elementary School, Gwaneum Middle School and Gangbuk High School, which is Suga’s alma mater, under Suga’s theme. The Buk-gu office did not reveal any more detail on the project.

The construction project’s discussion will be finalized next month. In order to do that, the Buk-gu office has reportedly contacted agency Big Hit Entertainment and met Suga’s father.

Previously, the city of Busan, Jungkook and Jimin’s hometown, has also drawn attention by planning tour courses under the theme of BTS.

Source: nate

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