[theqoo] BTS fans make and sell Bang Sihyuk dolls

Would you buy it if it was official?

Netizens are shocked at the Bang Sihyuk dolls that BTS‘ fans make and sell

Netizens have showed various reactions to the dolls, but most of comments are bashing this action

– Before this, the images of Big Hit and Bang Sihyuk were not bad in the eye of BTS fans. This company is sometimes frustrating, but it is a very good and learned company in general. However, after all of this, I don’t want to see the company any more because they can affect our children badly.

– It sucks!

– It is really ridiculous

– I was curious about what the doll looked like from this comment, so I searched it and it was cancelled because there was only one depositor. They did not show any positive signs with thousands of dolls. It was really funny that they just felt scary.

– When I saw this post, I could not help swearing.

– Don’t you think why they do not have Lee Soo Man dolls? It is because nobody will never ever order that.

– Black past!

– I thought it was cute even for a moment.

Source: theqoo

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