Their Europe tour are sold out in a short time, who said BLACK PINK is only popular in South East Asia?

Good news keep coming to BLACK PINK at the beginning of the year which makes their fans proud.

It has only been the beginning of the year and BLACK PINK continuously received good news from the Western market which is a good sign for their upcoming plans in America. Aside from appearing on the famous show “Good Morning America”, their world tour concert tickets in Europe cities also sold out in only a few minutes.

In detail:

  • London (the U.K): sold out in under 1 minute
  • Paris (France): sold out in 3 minutes
  • Berlin (Germany): sold out in under 15 minutes

BLACK PINK’s concerts in Europe were sold out immediately
If before, BLACK PINK was mocked for only having a huge fanbase in Asia or the South East Asia area, this is the clearest proof to show the influence of the 4 girls in Europe. This fact also answers the question “Where will BLACK PINK goes?” of K-net.

BlackPink 7490221754751411 scaled 1
The 4 girls are proving their influence in Europe which Is not small at all.

Hope that with this smooth start, BLACK PINK will have a big year ahead with an even smoother future.

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