Fans hope Jisoo’s Snowdrop will salvage a gloomy year of the movie empire jTBC

jTBC used to be a drama powerhouse, but it struggled for the first ten months of 2021.

Used to be one of the 2 most impressive cable channels with popular series along with the “dark horse” tvN, jTBS is having a bad year. For the past 10 months, “Law School” has the highest rating which is 6,9%, while the others are extremely low. the most recent one, “Lost“, even fell below 1,1% and might even fall to 0%.

jtbc law school
“Law School”
jtbc lost

2020 was a wonderful year or jTBC thanks to “The World of the Married” and “Itaewon Class” which were big hits even on an Asian scale. For the year 2021, the audience had expected more from this channel because jTBC’s dramas always portray a very different color and rarely focus on a simple love story. However, this year, jTBC continuously failed after many dramas such as Nevertheless“, “Hush”, “She Would Never Know”, “Monthly Magazine Home”,…The rating only went back and forth between under 1% to 2%. While jTBS was successful on every streaming platform last year, this year, apart from “Nevertheless” on Netflix thanks to the A-list casts, the remaining ones are all flops.


jTBC’s last hope this year must be the famous idol Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae-in’s “Snowdrop. However, this drama content has been controversial. Korean netizens are angry that this drama might contain historical inaccuracy, due to which they demanded the show be canceled. That’s the reason why “Snowdrop” still cannot be aired and is still only planned to be aired at the end of 2021. The Korean audience is strict. Even though the Blue House has allowed the drama to be released, this cannot guarantee that the Korean public will welcome it. Furthermore, Jisoo is still an idol with her first lead role, and Jung Hae-in is a good actor but not quite an A-list name. Will “Snowdrop” be able to save jTBC?

jtbc snowdrop

Source: K14

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