The world is against the police in Seungri’s case, the prosecutor prepares for a large-scale counterattack

The YTN reported on May 19th that the prosecution is stepping up its will to review the data amid the criticism after the police failed to arrest Seungri on charges of sexual favors, sexual exploitation and embezzlement.

According to reports, the police worked hard enough to get more than 300 pages of submission data but failed to secure an arrest warrant in the end.

It is virtually impossible to seek a warrant again. Police are in a position to hand over Seungri to the prosecution without him being arrested. A day after Seungri’s arrest warrant was rejected, the investigation into the alleged collusion also ended in vain.

With the prosecution and police set to adjust their investigative authority, a series of question marks were posted on the police’s investigative power.

The prosecution intends to open up the police investigation as soon as they take over the case.

Since last month, The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office has already dispatched researchers from Criminal Department 3 of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, which will be in charge of the Burning Sun case, to focus on reviewing the data.

The YTN reported that the prosecution would deal a considerable blow to the police if it finds any new suspicions or loopholes in the existing investigation regarding Burning Sun at the time when there is a conflict between the prosecution and the prosecution.

Source: nate

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