The war between Shawn Mendes – K-Pop fans and #kpopstansareoverparty, what is happening?

Earlier today, Aug 24th (KST), a stressful top trending war has happened between K-Pop stans and Shawn Mendes fans. Specifically, many Twitter accounts (among which are K-Pop fan accounts) have created a trending hashtag #shawnmendesisoverparty after they discovered many of Shawn Mendes’s past tweets are racist or homophobic. However, after a few hours, K-Pop fans were counterattacked by the hashtag #kpopstansareoverparty which was in the worldwide top trending and even got #1.

So, what happened?

The interesting hashtag war which happened earlier today

The story began with an interview video in the past of Shawn Mendes who was telling the story about him freaking out that someone might doubt his sexuality because he went to see “Love, Simon” – an LBGT-themed movie in early 2018. He admitted that he had had to leave in the middle of the movie. The singer has tried to prove that he supports the LGBT community by sharing that he once had the thought of trying out for a role in “Love, Simon”. However, troublesome tweets in the past as well as his aforementioned attitude during “Love, Simon” have upset fans, among which are lots of K-Pop fans, who accuse that he is only pretending that he is not homophobic.

This is said to be the source of the hashtag #shawnmendesisoverparty. Most tweets of this hashtag are prom K-Pop fans.

However, Shawn Mendes fans and US – UK music fans are not that easy. When the hashtag #shawnmendesisoverparty was lurking on the worldwide top trending, #kpopstansareoverparty immediately appeared and ruled the top trending list for many hours.

However, instead of attacking K-Pop fans for their oversensitivity and useless trending habits, K-Pop fans are even fuelling the #kpopstansareoverparty hashtag with more tweets.

After many hours, #kpopstansareoverparty is still on the worldwide top trending

Because, taking advantage of the hot hashtag, K-Pop fans are promoting for their idols by posting photos and fancams of them along with the hashtag #kpopstansareoverparty.

The journalist in charge of the K-Pop articles on Billboard magazine – Jeff Benjamin – also tweeted on Twitter.

From such an offensive hashtag against them, K-Pop fans are using it to promote their idols…

In the end, there’s no winner or loser. This is more of a useless top trending war that is funny than a serious fanwar. However, K-Pop fans did get the chance to show their quick wit by mocking other people while promoting their idols at the same time.

Source: Kenh14

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