The voice is controversial, but Jimin (BTS) is praised when he raps for SUGA, surprising Knet with his great range

Jimin not only can perform high notes but also sings low notes well

At The Fact Music Awards (TMA 2020), BTS won 4 awards, including the prestigious Daesang title.  As the biggest award winner, the boys stayed to sing the song Dynamite during the encore.  Although fans were upset when BTS’s closing stage was cut in the middle, Jimin still stood out with his unique voice.

Because SUGA was absent due to injury, Jimin did the rapper’s part.  SUGA’s rap in the song Dynamite has a low tone, but Jimin excelled in singing instead.  BTS’s lead vocal is famous for his high notes, but he showed that he can do well when he sang lower parts.

As a result, Jimin received a lot of praise from fans and Korean netizens.  Many people thought that the male idol possesses a wide and unique vocal range, so he can perform well in many parts of the song.  Many people believed that SUGA would be happy when Jimin completed his rap part perfectly.


Some comments:

– I think SUGA will like it.

 – Although it’s just an encore stage, Jimin is really attractive.  Not to mention the melody and vocals, but Jimin’s live singing is always the best.

 – Love Park Jimin so much, his voice is so charming.

– His live voice is good, obviously, it’s interesting that Jimin did it, not J-hope or RM.

– Jimin’s voice is unique.  Really impressive.


Notably, Jimin’s voice has been controversial for a long time.  The male idol used to be criticized for singing with a poor voice, often cracking, losing his breath, or singing like he is screaming.  However, he always tries his best to improve his voice. Knet’s compliments show that Jimin has a good vocal range, as well as acknowledge his efforts


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