The unique characteristics that only SM artists get to “enjoy”

SM Entertainment has a lot of “quirks” that set them apart from other Kpop companies. 

As big as they are, SM Entertainment is among the most influential companies in the Kpop industry. At the same time, they also have a lot of “quirks” and “characteristics” that make for a one of a kind environment. However, fans believe that some of these need to be obliterated. 

SM Ent.
SM Entertainment is among the most influential companies in the Kpop industry

Scooters in the office

Inside the SM Entertainment building, artists often use scooters to travel around, even to go to the toilet since the company’s too large. aespa Karina once talked about this with excitement, causing netizens to laugh and joke that things sure are different at “Kwangya”.

sm idol
SM artists use scooters to travel around the SM building
SM Entertainment is among the most influential companies in the Kpop industry

The “polite pose”

SM Entertainment has always been strict with its artists when it comes to their personality and attitudes. As such, idols under SM would often stand in a polite pose where they respectfully put their hands in the front – no matter their seniority. This gesture always receives a lot of praise from the public. 

SM idol
Kpop idols under SM Entertainment often put their hands in the front, creating a polite pose 
Even after years of activities, most artists retain the same habit 
red velvet aespa
The respectful gesture earns SM idols a lot of brownie points from the public 

SM is short for “Super Market” 

Netizens often joke that SM is short for “Super Market”, seeing that there’s nothing the company won’t try to sell. If other agencies create goods like photo cards and photobooks, then SM also sells brooms, seat covers, instant noodles, drinks, and all sorts of other miscellaneous merchandise. 

SM town
Since SM sells basically everything, many netizens joke that the company is a supermarket. 
SM town
From brooms to dumplings… there’s nothing that won’t become a merchandise

A wealthy agency with weak wifi 

Despite being one of the wealthiest entertainment companies in the industry, many fans have to wonder where all the money goes, especially when the wifi – one of the most important elements – is barely working. In fact, there have been many cases where SM idols have to cut their livestream shorts because of bad internet, and as of the moment, nothing has changed. 

SM town
SM Entertainment owns a glamorous building
SM idol
And yet the wifi inside such building is barely usable 

A lackluster design team

SM fans were perhaps most disappointed about the company’s design department, and even joked that SM designers have “the most carefree job in the world”, seeing that most images published by the company are as “minimal” as possible. Recently, an image teaser for EXO Chen’s comeback became a hot topic, as there was barely any thought that was put into it. 

SM town
SM published a teaser image for EXO Chen’s comeback that looks like it was made in 10 seconds
SM town
Many fans joke that SM designers must have the easiest job in the world 
SM town
Once, the company change their artists’ SNS profile pictures into what look like default avatars 
Fans demand for SM to pay more attention to designs for artist comebacks, especially when it comes to male idols

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