The unfortunate updates of an “Acting Genius” child star who suddenly disappeared amid the rising fame

Those who played someone else’s childhood have now become the main characters. However, not everyone succeeds to do so.

Recently, stars who started as child actors such as Lee Se Young, Park Eun Bin, and Yeo Jin Gu are very active in recent dramas and movies. Those who played someone else’s childhood have now become the main characters.

Noh Hyung-wook

However, there are some people who were on a roll as child actors but suddenly disappeared. No Hyung Wook, who is recently mentioned online, is one of them.

In April 2020, No Hyung Wook appeared on Channel A’s “Eye Contact” and reunited with Noh Joo Hyun, his on-screen father in the sitcom “Live Straight.”

Noh Hyung-wook

No Hyung Wook told his sad story of not being able to act even though he gained popularity after his debut as a child actor.

Born in 1985, and 38 years old this year, No Hyung Wook began acting as a child actor at the age of 8 and made his name known in 1998 after he played the role of the third child Lee Joon Hee in the popular drama MBC “Six Siblings”.

Noh Hyung-wook

“Six Siblings” is a drama starring Song Hye Kyo, who has now established herself as a top star, as a minor role. The show was popular with more than 20% of rating due to the solid acting skills of the child actors. Due to its huge popularity, the drama was extended three times, including April, September 1998, and January 1999, ending after 100 episodes. At that time, No Hyung Wook was recognized for his acting skills in this drama and got the chance to appear in various other works. No Hyung Wook seemed to be on a roll, but he suddenly went on a long hiatus.

Noh Hyung-wook

After finishing the movie “Dream Journey” in 2002, he went to college to remove his child actor image after serving in the military. During that period, he was gradually forgotten from the public’s attention. While attending school, his father passed away due to cancer in 2011, and his mother also passed away in 2017. Alone in this world, he had to give up acting to make a living.

Noh Hyung-wook

Having made his debut as a child actor, he lacked the needed knowledge to manage his economic status. He struggled economically and worked various jobs, from an assistant at a university to a courier and acting guidance, to earn money. He even did daily labor, which had nothing to do with acting, and said that he had no choice but to do so to make a living.

In particular, he said, “I had to go into the script printing shop where they made the script and even deliver the script myself,” adding, “It was too hard for me at first. There are times when I don’t want anyone to recognize me. “I went there to make money, so I was determined, but it was exhausting as I realized the difference between going to the broadcasting station to stand in front of the camera I liked and to make money,” he said.

Noh Hyung-wook

But his acting career isn’t over yet.

An opportunity came to him. He received an offer to appear in a morning drama from a production company he had visited to deliver the script. As a result, he started acting again in the SBS drama “Sweet Revenge” in 2017.

He has also appeared in dramas such as “Saimdang, Memoirs of Color” “Voice 2,” and “King Maker: The Change of Destiny,” and has also appeared in the entertainment program “Video Star.”

Noh Hyung-wook

Since then, he started to communicate with fans through YouTube and Instagram Live. In 2019, he also revealed his recent status on the YouTube channel “Recent Olympics”.

Netizens are cheering for No Hyung Wook, who was once considered the most promising child actor, saying “I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for him,” “I want to see him often on TV,” “I even wondered why he disappeared after doing so well on ‘Six Siblings’.”

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