The undeniable visual from the youngest members of survival show’s project groups

All of the top visuals such as Tzuyu, Jang Won Young, Somi, Lai Guan Lin are the powerful maknaes of their respective group.

The survival show “SIXTEEN” has created TWICE and Tzuyu was one of the contestants well-known for their visual. After debut, this youngest memebr of TWICE immediately got into the top beauties of K-Pop. Tzuyu was even voted as The World’s Most Beautiful Face in 2018 by TC Candler.
Not just her gorgeous face, Tzuyu also becomes the center of attention for her perfect body ratio with the ant waist and the elegant aura of a young lady in a rich family. Even when she was wearing only a light layer of make-up, this TWICE member was still gorgeous.
Somi is the first “nation’s center” of the Produce 101 series. This born-in-2001 girl owns herself a mature beauty and impressive height thanks to her mixed blood. Fans are in love with Somi for her talent, true-to-herself lifestyle and the ability to digest any kind of concept.
At the most recent event, Somi stirred up the internet with her charming and elegant appearance. Even though she hasn’t debut officially, Somi is still one of the most favourite faces for commercials in South Korea.
Nancy joined the casting show “Finding MOMOLAND” and immediately went viral for her exotic beauty.This born-in-2000 beauty has a huge international fanbase, especially in Vietnam.
Nancy is complimented as “the fancam goddess” thanks to her perfect face features and sexy body. Even though she has gained some weight, this MOMOLAND member still impresses the public with her energetic and healthy image on stage.
Girlgroup fromis_9 was founded from the survival show “Idol School”. Jiheon was ranked #8 at the finale night and became an idol at the age of 15. She is one of the most famous born-in-2003 idols.
Jiheon has a pair of smiling eyes and pure beauty.
Jang Won Young debut at the age of 15. She is the youngest member and also the center of IZ*ONE – the group from PRODUCE48. Won Young has a doll-like face, impressive height and long legs which every idol dream of.
Jang Won Young is born to be a star with a shining aura on stage. Even though she is just 15, Won Young is able to digest lots of concepts of IZ*ONE, live up to the name of IZ*ONE’s center.

Source: iOne

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